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18. December 2013

Capability Upgrade for IFEN's GNSS Software-Receiver SX-NSR


The software-based GNSS Receiver SX-NSR is now notably improved in its capabilities. The following new developments were released on Dec. 4th 2013. They make our software receiver even more a fully flexible solution that is also suitable to serve as a development platform:

  • Reception of up to 8 GNSS frequency bands through synchronization of hardware-frontends
  • Attitude processing for dual antenna-applications.
  • Vector tracking for improved positioning in degraded signal environments
  • Polyfit tracking for improved tracking performance (see GPS World 9/2012, p. 60)
  • Artificial noise generator
  • Sensor data can be stored and transferred in ASCII format
  • Output of PPS, reference clock data and trigger signal for the easy synchronization of multi-device setups
  • Supports multiple new scientific applications like Reflectometry, Altimetry and others
  • Multi-correlator for detection and elimination of multipath signals
  • Additionally, the SX-NSR is also an outstanding solution for the collection of geodetic reference data


To learn more about the virtually unlimited possibilities and the many different applications of the SX-NSR, please contact our experts at sales  (at) or call us on +49-(0)8121-2238-20.