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23. February 2015

IFEN GmbH sponsoring promising bobsledder Sandra Kroll


For the first time in the history of IFEN GmbH we are proud to announce that IFEN has taken over sponsorship for a promising German athlete - Sandra Kroll.


Sandra is a pilot of a two-women bob team, part of the German junior bob team.


Since Sandra was 10 years old sport is her life. Starting with athletics, trained by Herrmann Kirchhoff, she quickly became successful within her sports. (Chiemgau-Champion, Bavarian-Champion, 3rd rank at the German Championships at Rhede).


When it turned out to me be more and more complicated for her, living in Berchtesgarden, to reach far away training areas and training course, she decided with 17 years to change from the German team to the Austrian team, located in Salzburg.


With Union Salzburg Athletics and her new trainer Csaba Szekely she archived the 3. rank of the 'Staatsmeisterschaften" with hurdles and shot put and she became Vice-Champion with high jump and '7 Kampf'.


2012 by accident, a brakeman has been searched for the German two-man-bob joining the Junior Olympics at Innsbruck at this time, she took her chance and moved from athletics to bob sports.

From the first moment on she felt in love with this kind of sport and wanted to become a pilot herself.


Sandra´s bob success story:


7th rankEuropacup Race at Königssee
3rd rankGerman Championships at Altenberg
2nd rankGerman Junior Championships at Altenberg
1st rankBavarian Championships at Königssee
5th rankEuropacup Race at Altenberg (11.2013)
4th rank Europacup Race at Königssee (06.-07.12.2013)
4th and 6th rankEuropacup at Winterberg (14.-15.12.2013)
10th and 4th rankEuropacup at Innsbruck/Igls (09.-10.01.2014)
4th rankEuropacup at Sankt Moritz (16.01.2014)
4th rankOverall standing Europacup 2013/2014
3rd rank Junior-World Championship at Winterberg (25.01.2014)
1st rankEuropacup at Winterberg (31.01.2015)
2nd rankJunior-World Championship at Altenberg (14.02.2015)