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09. April 2014

IFEN Participates in Space Tech Expo Long Beach, CA, April 2014

Mark Wilson, IFEN Inc.’s Vice President Sales presented their range of products for advanced GNSS Simulation and Testing at Space Tech Expo 2014.

This year’s demonstrations focused on the opportunity IFEN offers their customers to get solutions for their GNSS testing needs tailored to their specific requirements. These solutions are both user friendly and realistically priced, in terms of the initial purchase and lifetime costs. In addition, the adaptability and upgrade potential of the equipment ensures it continues to meet customer needs as GNSS evolves and test requirements change. Mark commented “The highly demanding test and development of GNSS space applications is an important market for IFEN. Precision and quality of Simulated GNSS signals are essential and the solutions offered need to be totally reliable, to ensure critical project timelines are maintained. It is also important that the test system is upgradable with additional capabilities and features to meet new demands for R&D testing in GNSS space applications. All these factors make IFEN a preferred supplier for GNSS testing in many space applications. Not to forget that the company was initially founded to address a development project for a GNSS space application, back in 1998.” Since then IFEN has been and continues to be involved in creating test capability for a variety of GNSS applications, including aerospace, automotive, general commercial, scientific and military applications.

To learn more about the advantages of IFEN’s NavX-NCS Multi-GNSS Simulators and the SX-NSR Software Receiver that offers unique possibilities for highest demands in signal processing please visit or contact us directly:

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