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04. March 2013

INDOOR-Navigation for SAR-Applications

As part of the joint research project "INDOOR: Galileo / GPS Indoor Navigation & Positioning" a successful application demonstration was held at Munich Airport at the end of November 2012. A final presentation at the German Centre for Aerospace (DLR) in Bonn in December 2012 successfully closed the project, in which IFEN® GmbH had the role of the project coordinator.

Representatives of the project partners and the DLR as well as members of the Munich Airport fire brigade attended the demonstration, in which indoor positioning during a simulated operational scenario of the airport fire brigade was performed. A dual-frequency GPS / Galileo receiver, coupled with an inertial sensor navigation system mounted at the boots of the firemen, allowed positioning during the operation within the enclosed building of the airport terminal. The positions of the forces, both outside and inside the building could be transferred with high accuracy to the operation control software via TETRA. The location of the respective forces  could therefore be monitored in real-time, allowing the operation control to transmit location specific and individual instructions to the rescue forces.

The INDOOR project was funded by the German Centre for Aerospace (DLR) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI), Grant Contract No. FKZ 50 NA 0504.