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25. November 2013

ION International Technical Meeting (ITM)

IFEN are pleased to announce that they will be attending the ITM 2014 at the Catamaran Resort & Spa, San Diego, on 27th to 29th January 2014. Live demonstrations of the NavX-NCS GNSS Simulator will be available in the Exhibition area. This highly flexible equipment is capable of simulating multiple GNSS constellations and frequencies at up to 4 separate antenna locations simultaneously. The Simulator may be easily tailored to meet specific customer applications and test requirements.


IFEN also offer the highly capable SX-NSR GNSS Software Receiver. This unit may be used for a range of applications including scientific investigations (e.g. GNSS signal reflectometry and ionospheric scintillation), multipath & spoofing signal evaluation, interference monitoring, weak signal investigation, sensor integration (IMU, barometer and magnetometer) and GNSS heading & dual-tracking applications.


With over 15 years’ experience in GNSS IFEN offer their expertise to ensure the success of your project.


For further information or meeting appointments please contact IFEN Inc. VP Sales, Mark Wilson: or (+1)951-739-7331.