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14. January 2015

Leap Second Event 30 June 2015 - Are you ready?

For the first time in three years a leap second will be added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Some Receivers will not have been through a leap second event, with the risk they could potentially fail at a critical moment.


All GNSS Receivers need to be able to manage leap second insertions, to bring them in line with UTC. The only realistic way of testing your Receiver's software and algorithms is to use a GNSS Simulator. The Control Center operating software, provided with the IFEN NavX-NCS GNSS Simulators allows users to easily create and run leap second test scenarios. Effective and efficient testing may be performed in advance of the actual event, allowing any potential problem to be identified and corrective action taken, ensuring the quality and performance of your products.


Leap second testing is just one example of the significant benefits of owning an IFEN NavX-NCS GNSS Simulator. These powerful and easy to use test tools provide:


  • Control of the test environment, including time & date, GNSS constellation data, geographical position, vehicle characteristics, vehicle motion, antenna pattern and a range of potential error sources
  • The ability to repeat tests, in order to evaluate software changes, or different Receivers (something which is not possible with "live sky" testing)
  • Easy access to test data, including comparisons of simulated (truth) data and data from the device under test


These advantages allow the user to reduce test time and reduce costs while ensuring your product is comprehensively tested.


IFEN NavX-NCS GNSS Simulators - Giving you The Confidence to Succeed!


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