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10. September 2014

NEW: GNSS Software Receiver SX3


IFEN is launching a new product on ION GNSS+ today: Our proven scientific Software Receiver SX-NSR was subject to major upgrades, while the respective hardware-frontend was completely re-designed. Together, they build the new SX3 GNSS Software Receiver. “One of the HW-frontend’s key features are its 4 wide-band RF frequency bands. These can be split into a maximum of 8 sub-bands per unit.” states Dr. Bernhard Riedl, product manager of the SX3 and one of its senior developers. He continues: “It enhances the bandwidth to full 55MHz per RF band, offering additional signal power especially in the E5 band.” The new USB 3.0 port of the frontend empowers an unrivalled data transfer rate. This makes a maximum bit-quantization of up to 8 bit possible - for every single stream. Of course the additional capabilites are compressed into a significantly smaller and lighter hardware chassis than before. Amongst other options, a dual GNSS antenna-input feature can be ordered as well as an OCXO. (Standard equipment of the SX3 GNSS Software Receiver is a precise temperature-controlled oscillator.) Among others, the newly released software version offers the following new features:

- 8-bit quantization in real-time
- Interference mitigation algorithms (CW mitigation, pulse blanking)

- More precise Doppler measurements

- Option for spectral whitening

- New modules (e.g. RAIM, pseudorange monitoring, controlled data recorder) and configurations (e.g. AntiJam, SpaceReceivers)
- New API examples

Just like its predecessor, it is also able to act as a framework for your own signal processing algorithms. Product manager Dr. Bernhard Riedl states: “Customers can fully concentrate on their applications instead of dealing with potentially obscure code when using open source. Our professional support is specifically dedicated to scientific work as well as SX3’s capability for additional customizations. SX3 is far more than just a COTS product. This makes IFEN’s new SX3 scientific software receiver a mighty powerful tool for research and development.”


Get in personal contact with our experts now to find out how SX3 can help you in your work on GNSS R&D!