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31. March 2016

New Software Release - SX3/SX-NSR V3.2.1

The following improvements and new functions are available with SX3 / SX-NSR Software Receiver software version 3.2.1.


New Functionality

  • New SX3 frontend mode providing sample rate of 100MHz.
  • SX3 frontend temperature log-file.
  • Automatic calibration of Galileo E5ab (AltBOC) tracking when using SX3 frontend.
  • New optional available scintillation monitor module and dedicated configuration 'ScintillationMonitor.nsr'.
  • New API example "TrackingLoopAdvanced".
  • New driver model used for SX3 frontend.


Improvements / Bug-Fixes

  • Updates in SX3 reflectometry package.
  • Correct issue for 2-bit sample format, this improves C/N0 for tracked satellites.
  • IRNSS navigation data decoding now can be activated for L5 or for S-Band simultaneously.
  • Correct gravity model computation in GnssInsKalman modul.
  • ...