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05. May 2015

Press Release: New Software Release v3.0 for IFEN’s Multi-Frequency and Multi-GNSS Navigation Software Receiver SX3 and SX3 Dual-Antenna ‘Black Edition’ includes expected as well as new functions.

Poing, Germany - IFEN has launched the latest software release v3.0 for its SX3 GNSS Software Receiver Generation.


Among others, the newly released software version 3.0 offers the following new features:

- added real-time P-code generator and allows now P-code aiding for GPS L1/L2 cross-correlation

- enabled full dual-antenna support for SX3 'Black Edition'

- includes now KML file output for Google™ Earth real-time visualization

- better performance through switch from 32bit to 64bit version

- support of new SX3 RF front-end with up to 12 IF streams


IFEN's SX3 multi-GNSS software receiver now tracks all known and in future upcoming GNSS signals in view in real-time on a standard laptop (up to 1000 channels in parallel on a core i7 desktop PC). The included RF front-end offers four RF frequency chains with 50 MHz bandwidth each, covering the entire GNSS L-band spectrum. The USB 3.0 interface enables high-speed data transfer with up to 8 bit quantization. Customers can fully concentrate on their applications instead of dealing with potentially obscure code when using open source. The professional support is specifically dedicated to sophisticated applications as well as SX3's capability for additional customizations. This makes IFEN's SX3 GNSS software receiver a mighty powerful tool for research and development.


In addition a dual-antenna input RF front-end (SX3 'Black Edition') has been released in February 2015. This system can for example be used for heading determination, reflectometry and other applications requiring the synchronized input from two antennas.