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14. October 2014

REISER Simulation and Training GmbH selects IFEN GPS Simulator


REISER Simulation and Training GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative training technology for avionic applications. Recently, their experts got in touch with IFEN regarding their NavX-NCS Essential GPS Simulator and evaluated the advantages that IFEN’s sophisticated GPS simulation could provide in supporting their work. Just a few weeks later, we are proud to be able to call REISER not only a valued customer, but even more, a sustainable partner of ours. This is a story of well-done cooperation and mutual success:


Falko Schuck, development engineer for hard- and software integration of simulation products at REISER explains: “Our flight simulators provide the most realistic simulation environment possible.  This includes, beside dedicated external or in-house produced simulation products, real avionic systems. For special applications, especially for research and development, we needed a solution to close our hardware-in-the-loop simulation with state-of-the-art GPS based navigation systems which do not offer a dedicated GPS simulation interface.” After a careful research of possible suppliers for GPS simulators, REISER decided to test and evaluate NavX NCS Essential. An ideal GPS simulator should be both, cost efficient and highly reliable.


In general, Reiser’s goal to produce high-end simulation products requires a fast in-depth analysis of real-world hardware. In most of the cases, this means interfacing such devices with other avionics and stimulating them with real sensor data.


Mr. Schuck states: “IFEN fully supported our work. Not only that they provided us with a demo unit of their NavX-NCS Essential that enabled us to start our work immediately, their experts also helped us with the setup of their GPS simulator. Thus our engineers were able to pioneer fundamental steps of our challenging task even before receiving our own GPS simulator”. More than that, people at REISER were amazed by the nearly unlimited possibilities that simulating a full GPS L1 satellite constellation gave them. “With the NavX-NCS it is possible for us to integrate new navigation devices directly in our flight simulators with minimal effort”, says Mr. Schuck. “We experienced the versatile use of IFEN’s GPS simulator and especially its ability for real hardware-in-the-loop simulation applications. This motivated us to order a second NavX-NCS Essential for further research and development purposes.


Should REISER become interested in simulating additional satellite navigation system constellations, their future-proof GPS simulation solution can be upgraded to add any other GNSS system (including GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS, in addition to GPS) by simply purchasing additional licenses. Dr. Guenter Heinrichs, head of customer applications and business development at IFEN says: “We are very happy that our customer REISER Simulation and Training GmbH granted us deep insights into their work and their very specific requests on GPS simulation, which provides mutual benefits for both parties. These benefits are just the stronger as both companies do have similar parameters: Both are highly innovative, medium-sized and family-owned enterprises, fast growing and increasingly gaining more share of rapidly developing markets. Both REISER and IFEN are simulation specialists who are dedicated to provide trailblazing products and services to meet demanding customer requirements worldwide.”


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To find out how GPS simulation benefits the work of aviation experts at REISER and to learn how GNSS simulation in general could empower your own work, contact IFEN at:  sales  (at) or just call our experts at +49-8121-2238-20.


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Picture: Reiser ST project engineer Falko Schuck (left) receives the NavX-NCS Essential GNSS Simulator.
Picture Source: Reiser ST GmbH