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15. October 2013

VDI Wissenforum

Between Tuesday, 15th and Thursday, 17th of October IFEN GmbH takes part in the exhibition that accompanies the VDI organized International Conference "Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles" in Baden-Baden.

Through coupling our GPS (and multi-GNSS) Simulation Software with a Turntable, IFEN took another important step towards innovation. It enables users to test Satellite Navigation and Gyroscopic Sensor performance at the same time. No matter whether standalone or also integrated Navigation systems are to be tested. Main application of this solution is automotive testingg and R&D, closely followed by Consumer Electronics production tests that deal with Personal Navigation Devices (PND). One important difference to existing solutions is, that Gyro Data is not only simulated, but emulated out of the "real world" Gyro-Sensors that are used in their system.

The other main reason is the flexibility of the systems, that allows to upgrade functionalities, upcoming GNSS Systems that accompany GPS like GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and others and virtually anything that might otherwise limit your test or R&D work as it proceeds. And of course this all is based on the proven excellent performance of Satellite Navigation Signal Simulation that NavX-NCS, IFEN's GPS-and Multi-GNSS-HF-Simulator offers you.

Learn more about these rewarding possibilities and visit us on our booth #87 in the second floor of the exhibition hall.