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03. September 2014

Visit IFEN at ION GNSS+ 2014


IFEN showcase our innovative solutions for Test and R&D in Satellite Navigation on the ION GNSS+ exhibition 2014 between September 10 and 11, 2014 in Tampa, Florida.


Most important innovation of this year is the product launch of our software-receiver SX3. It succeeds our scientific GNSS software-receiver SX-NSR. One of its key features are the 4 RF frequency bands. These bands can be split into a maximum of 8 sub-bands per unit. It enhances the bandwidth to full 55MHz, offering additional signal power especially in E5 band. The new USB 3.0 port empowers a unrivalled data transfer rate that makes a maximal Bit-quantization of up to 8 Bit possible - for every single stream. Of course the additional power is compressed into a significantly smaller and lighter hardware chassis than before. Amongst other options, a dual antenna-input feature can be ordered as well as an OXCO-clock. (Standard equipment of the SX3 GNSS software receiver is a precise temperature-controlled oscillator.) The proofed difference correlator notably ruggedizes acquisition and tracking of any navigation satellite signals. Polyfit tracking reduces measurement noise through averaging (e.g. code/carrier measurements). (See GPS World 9/2012, page 60). Accordingly, vector tracking improves the tracking of weak signals in degraded environments and the re-acquisition of "lost" satellites. Just like its predecessor, it is also able to act as a framework for your own signal processing algorithms. This makes IFEN’s new SX3 scientific software receiver an even more powerful tool for research and development.


At the same occasion, we are presenting our NavX-NCS RF-signal generator. It improves and simplifies your test applications, as it has been developed with a deep understanding of user’s demands. NavX-NCS Essential will be presented in connection with a rotating table to illustrate the newly added testing capabilities for car navigation and consumer electronics. NavX-NCS Professional with its optional Multi-RF output will be coupled during the show with our newly released software receiver (described above). Both devices will show their outstanding capabilities for demanding R&D applications in our product demonstration session "Inside Spoofing" on Thursday at 2pm. (Please note that this year demo sessions will be held in a meeting room instead of in the exhibit hall as was usual.)


Please visit us at our newly designed Stand that is located on booth "E" to learn more about our Products and Services.