NavX-NCS Essential Signal Generator Test Equipment

NavX-NCS Essential GNSS Simulator

NavX-NCS Essential

The NavX-NCS Essential is IFEN’s newest RF signal generator technology. It is designed for the testing of single frequency, multi-GNSS applications in numerous, R&D and industrial processes. The NavX-NCS Essential’s full upgradeability makes it a future-proof investment for the upcoming multi-GNSS era. It is far more than just a GPS Simulator!

NavX-NCS Essential GNSS Simulator

GPS / GNSS Test Solution for Commercial Applications

  • All GNSS L1 signals available, including GPS L1, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1, BeiDou B1, SBAS L1 & QZSS L1
  • 21, or 42 channels (simulated signals), using 1 or 2 Blackjack modules. Each module may simulate a mixture of signals
  • NCS Control Center operating software, with comprehensive scenario generation capability
  • Cost effective test capability
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Best 'Performance-in-one-Box':

With 21 to 42 channels the NavX-NCS Essential is prepared for the next generation of R&D, system integration and production testing of high-volume GNSS applications. This means not only saving effort, time and lifetime-cost but also a superior price-performance ratio – factors, that are often crucial in today’s industrial purchase decisions. The NavX-NCS Essential is designed to meet the demands of your everyday GNSS work. No matter if it deals with research and development, system integration, testings in the chain of production or various other tasks. Flexible and adaptable: Today as good as in future.

More 'Capability-per-Box':

The capability to generate all GNSS signals of the upper L-band by combining the different modulations in one L-band frequency is unique on the commercial market for GNSS development and testing tools. The NavX-NCS provides you with GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS (BeiDou / COMPASS signal simulation ready, optionally) in one chassis at the same time. Compare!

Unmatched 'Flexibility-by-Design':

The user selectable combination of 'performance' (signal channels) and 'capability' (modulation & frequency) is real high value you get from NavX-NCS. Its nearly unlimited combinations guarantee to perfectly suit both, your applications and your budget – whatever this may be.

'Plug-In Scalability' and 'Extendability-by-License':

Fully scalable from a basic GPS L1 simulator with 21 channels to a full multi-GNSS system with up to 42 channels. This means the simulation – and the ability to fully “manipulate” – all worldwide GPS / GNSS and regional SBAS systems supported in the upper L-band. With this flexible approach, channels and capabilities can easily be added to the base system whenever you may encounter additional testing needs. Just in time and one step after the other.


Typical application areas for the NavX-NCS Essential are the following:

  • Development of future or existing receiver products. Full software-based upgradeability of frequencies and navigation satellite systems make it capable to constantly keep ahead your own progress in development.

  • System integration of GPS / GNSS receivers in products like e.g. smartphones, PNDs or multi-sensor car navigation systems in automotive application.

  • Production testing within a broad range of different industries. From manual “single unit” up to fully automated remote control “high volume” testing of GNSS receiver products.

Numerous applications in numerous different industries along the complete value chain of GPS / GNSS receivers for mainly civil applications. They reach from product testing in receiver chip manufacturing over to system integration in chipset manufacturing and up to product development and quality control of OEM satellite navigation receiver devices. Automotive, consumer electronics including telecom and wireless. The NavX-NCS is also your first choice in signal simulation for LBS (Location Based Services) testing.

Technical Details


  • Channels: 21 - 42
  • Frequency: 1 in upper L-band
  • Modulations: BPSK, QPSK, BOC, CBOC
  • Wide dynamic range


  • GPS L1
  • Galileo E1 (BOC and CBOC)
  • BeiDou B1
  • QZSS L1

Scalability & Flexibility

  • Scalable by HW plug-ins (up to 2 ‘BLACK JACK’ modules)
  • Free mapping of channels to modulations and frequencies by software configuration
  • Extension of capability by SW license

Software Features

  • Advanced GUI for scenario definition and simulation control
  • Motion data in real-time (for HIL testing)
  • Antenna pattern
  • Intuitive operation

System Components

  • RF-signal generator unit
  • Controller / Windows 7
  • Simulation software (NCS Control Center / NCS Test Center)

Compact RF-signal generator unit design

  • Size: 1 rack unit / 19”
  • Weight: 7 kg

External interfaces

  • RF-output: N-type
  • 1 PPS output
  • External oscillator input: 10 MHz
  • Internal oscillator output: 10 MHz
  • Start Trigger input


Release Notes

NCS Product Line in cooperation with WORK Microwave