ARAIM system study


The objective of the activity was to obtain a better understanding on the capabilities of an ARAIM (Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) system as a mean to provide integrity to the aviation community.


The main activity consisted on the elaboration of the:


  • ARAIM consolidated mission requirements as required by the aviation community
  • ARAIM High-Level Architectures providing the functional analysis for the different ARAIM concepts
  • ARAIM system requirements for the implementation of a future ARAIM system
  • ARAIM Algorithms, Performance and Avionics Compliance corresponding to the identification of feared events, protection mechanisms against such feared events, the algorithms definitions and description, as well as, a discussion on the compliance
  • ARAIM ISM dimensioning comprising the ISM requirements and the ICD document.
  • Concepts Compliance, Performance & Trade-off analysis
  • ARAIM Physical Architecture
  • The planning and experimentation ideas


ARAIM is considered a potential future alternative to SBAS in providing APV-I or LPV-200 services.