GNSS Signal Simulation and Data Processing Framework





GATE is a unique outdoor test- and development environment for the emerging Galileo satellite navigation market. Consisting of eight virtual "Galileo satellite transmitters" located on top of several mountains around the GATE test area in Berchtesgaden (Germany), a well suited topology is available to support different testing scenarios. GATE closes the gap between laboratory based constellation simulations and the real-world Galileo system, with its 18 satellites IOC constellation planned to be available end of 2016.


The GATE test bed cornerstones are eight ground transmitters, emitting the Galileo signals into the test area in the region of Berchtesgaden (Germany). Two monitoring stations located within the test area are receiving and processing these signals.


A central processing facility which is the core of GATE is steering and controlling the signals transmitted. These Galileo signals are fully compliant to the Galileo OS SIS ICD specification. With the GATE "Virtual Satellite Mode" a realistic moving Galileo satellite constellation can be simulated, supporting commercial Galileo receivers without any modification. The integration of additional sensors like odometer or inertial sensors allows testing of sophisticated integrated navigation systems and applications under realistic environmental and dynamic conditions, e.g. including multipath and interference effects.Furthermore, with full control over the eight GATE "Galileo satellite transmitters", feared events can be simulated enabling evaluation of new user integrity (RAIM) algorithmic concepts and implementations. 


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