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Our Mission

IFEN’s core mission is to achieve excellence in satellite navigation for all working results, whether products or services. Therefore, IFEN is working at the edge of satellite navigation and is committed to continously pushing the boundaries for leading edge scientific GNSS products and solutions beyond a current state-of-the-art. One result of this mission objective is our involvement to GALILEO since the very beginnings of the project. Therefore we are in possession of a huge fund of experience and skills in the RF signal emulation and signal processing of this important European satellite navigation technology. Providing our customers with future-proof and innovative navigation test solutions for their best benefits is our motivation.

Driven by employees who are proud to work for IFEN, enabling them to realize their visions and to make dreams of future’s GNSS engineering solutions become today’s reality.
Thus IFEN is generating full employees' satisfaction and success for our customers as well as for our enterprise.

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