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In 1998 IFEN was founded as a development expert in GNSS.
Ever since, Satellite Navigation services have been the backbone of our successful and growing company.

Our competence - your success

IFEN is in command of more than 20 years of experience in GNSS. That means e.g. we have been involved since the time when Galileo was first invented and planned as a genuine European Satellite Navigation System. Today, the development of Satellite Navigation related hard- and software is one of our core competencies, followed by consulting services in the same area.

Over the years, we have been involved in more than 100 R&D projects in Satellite Navigation. We are proud of our contributions to a broad range of scientific fields. These faculties include the receiving of ultra-weak (or otherwise noise-impaired) signals. Somehow similar to this is the highly specific science of Reflectometry, where reception, tracking and processing of reflected signals is crucial.

Our researchers are highly renowned for their trailblazing efforts in multipath signal evaluation and elimination. This deep experience in the reception of naturally or intentionally interfered GNSS signals makes IFEN predestined for all scientific GNSS receiver projects. We are proud to deliver scientific solutions from Satellite Navigation payload receivers, GNSS or geodetic referential receivers. This also includes our activities in the frame of the User Equivalant Range Error (UERE)-related project UMF (UERE Measurement Facility).

IFEN also develops scenarios and simulation software for future official reference signal generators at the forefront of R&D in Global Satellite Navigation. In completion of our range of commercial GNSS testing tools, we create customer or project specific solutions for validation, verification and performance assessment of any imaginable application of Satellite Navigation.

We are able to make projects in Satellite Navigation faster, more successful and efficient.

Contact us to learn more about our references and to take advantage of our experience!

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