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    We are a leading provider of GNSS navigation products and services, with a technology portfolio that includes GNSS simulators, receivers and  data processing tools.  Our outstanding satellite navigation expertise and extensive experience offers customers a range of services, from GNSS system studies, design and development of GNSS software and hardware through to research and development of navigation and integrity algorithms and engineering of turnkey facilities and systems. We are committed to provide you with the best available solutions for all your testing applications. Therefore, we developed different classes of GNSS RF constellation signal generators to fullfil and to exceed your demand in today's and tomorrow's GNSS testing.

    GNSS Simulator

    The NCS NOVA GNSS simulator product line provides a complete range of world class testing equipment and services complementing each other. The integrated GNSS test workflow offers you superior benefits in flexibility, capability and usability in all your possible applications.

    GNSS Software Receiver

    The GNSS software receiver family provides high performance and fully flexible multi-GNSS receiver test and verification platforms based on a modular software defined design for a wide range of development, verification and scientific applications for all types of GNSS systems.

    GNSS SDR Receiver

    The new 4th generation SFX4 GNSS receiver platform provides a flexible and modular GNSS receiver platform available for the next decade up to 2030+.


    Multi-constellation and Multi-Frequency GNSS Simulator

    The highly flexible NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is a high-end, powerful but easy to use satellite navigation testing and R&D device, fully capable of multi-constellation and multi-frequency simulations for a wide range of GNSS test applications.

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    GNSS Software Receiver

    The SX3 GNSS software receiver is a flexible R&D tool to support researchers and engineers in designing and testing of new receiver concepts and algorithms in the field of GNSS. The design is driven to provide the user with maximum flexibility in signal processing and in PVT experimentation.

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    GNSS SDR modular Receiver

    The SRFX4 modular GNSS receiver test and measurement platform is designed to achieve best RF performance with the flexibility to adapt to different RF signal needs for laboratory test. The SFX4 is optimized for high CN0 testing (payload, in-orbit-test).

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    Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2024

    MARCH 20 - 22 / Munich-Germany

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    ION GNSS+ 2024

    September 16 - 20 / Baltimore, MD, USA

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