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IFEN provides excellence in all areas of satellite navigation.
This includes best benefits for our demanding customers, sustainable growth for our company and our employees who are proud to work for IFEN.
Our visions are challenging
Pushing the boundaries in satellite navigation is our duty to the professional GNSS community.


IFEN was founded in 1998 as a technology spin-off of the “Universität der Bundeswehr” (Munich). The company Name IFEN is derived from the name of the university’s department of geodesy and navigation, “Institut für Erdmessung und Navigation”. IFEN was starting up with service contracts on EGNOS development, later also on Galileo. The scope of activities for service contracts covers GNSS system studies and analysis, development of algorithms, software and facilities, even up to turnkey systems like the Galileo test range GATE. Service contracts in all fields of GNSS remain an important source of work, turnover and know-how for us until today.

Since 2003, IFEN is also working on navigation products, with the first commercial GNSS RF-signal simulator available in the end of 2007. As a result of our entrance to the commercial market, our growth in staff and experience was boosted tremendously. This not at least as a consequence of our role as a reliable but flexible, small but strong player committed to service and usability on a market that was dominated by a quasi-monopolistic competitor for a long time before.

IFEN is positioned as a provider of leading-edge software and hardware products for RF satellite navigation. The primary products are the NavX family of GNSS test solutions and the SX scientific software receiver.



We are dedicated to pushing the boundary in all scientific applications of satellite navigation technology. This means to create and to make available practical GNSS receiver, algorithms and applications test solutions for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS or multi-GNSS receiver development for testing, verification and system integration. All of this at the best price-performance ration, meant to keep ourselves and our customers ahead of the competition. As a medium sized, privately owned enterprise in a fast developing market, we commit to our values.

These are the full satisfaction and an entire understanding of our customers and their needs in satellite navigation testing and GNSS signal processing. We commit to the tech-inspired, open-minded and family-like GNSS scientific community. This enables us to provide edge cutting solutions for commercial applications in all all different stages of the value creation chain. The provision of a secure, responsible and rewarding working environment fo our employees is the base for our own and our customer´s advance by innovation.

Today IFEN is positioned as a provider of leading-edge software and hardware products for RF satellite navigation. The primary products are the NavX family of GNSS test solutions and the SX scientific software receiver.



IFEN’s core mission is to achieve excellence in satellite navigation for all working results, whether products or services. Therefore, IFEN is working at the edge of satellite navigation and is committed to continously pushing the boundaries for leading edge scientific GNSS products and solutions beyond a current state-of-the-art. One result of this mission objective is our involvement to GALILEO since the very beginnings of the project. Therefore we are in possession of a huge fund of experience and skills in the RF signal emulation and signal processing of this important European satellite navigation technology. Providing our customers with future-proof and innovative navigation test solutions for their best benefits is our motivation.

Driven by employees who are proud to work for IFEN, enabling them to realize their visions and to make dreams of future’s GNSS engineering solutions become today’s reality.
Thus IFEN is generating full employees' satisfaction and success for our customers as well as for our enterprise.




  • First company in Europe working on the Integrity Check Algorithms for EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) since 1999.
  • Design, development and operation of the first Galileo Satellite Navigation Signal Test Range (GATE) in Berchtesgaden starting 2002 as prime contractor.
  • Invention of Memory Codes for Galileo E1 Open Service and E6 Commercial Service in 2003.
  • Provider of Test Receivers for the Galileo IOV and FOC Payload Test System.
  • Design and development of UERE (User Equivalent Range Errors) Monitoring Facility (UMF) for Galileo IOV in 2010.




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