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NCS Titan Simulator

The new NCS TITAN multi-GNSS multi-frequency and multi-RF output simulator,
pushing the boundaries in fidelity, flexibility and scalability
 with the customer proven performance and reliability of the NCS signal simulator series.

The NCS TITAN is putting unrivaled simulation power in the hands of the user.
It offers highly capable hardware and feature rich software with the superior flexibility
to address a wide range of test requirements.
It is easy to use and available in realistically priced packages.

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The most powerful GNSS Simulator for all Applications

The unique flexibility and outstanding performance of the NCS TITAN GNSS Simulator is beyond the capabilities of any other simulator on the market today. With up to 256 channels and up to 4 RF outputs per chassis, the extra complexity and cost of using additional signal generators or intricate architectures involving several hardware boxes is avoided, improving reliability without compromising on functionality.

Discover the perfect test solution for all types of GNSS applications. The innovative multi-constellation / multi-frequency simulation capability in combination with the multi-RF output option sets new standards in the field of GNSS simulation in terms of fidelity, performance, accuracy and reliability.  The NCS Titan GNSS Simulator is designed to deliver maximum flexibility so users are no longer faced with limitations. In-field upgrade capability through RFSIM module plug-in capability and flexible signal SW licensing are the design drivers for the NCS TITAN GNSS Simulator.

It can also be connected to other external hardware or integrated into existing test environments via its Ethernet remote control interface, which offers full flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

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