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The PHOENIX project aims to develop a prototype receiver using the Galileo differentiator on the E6B signal,
the HA service (HAS). The HA service promotes the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) approach, being globally
available at no costs for the users.

The prototype receiver is a close-to-market TRL 7 device, designed to meet the application requirements for the
large community of small-hold farmers.

 With the Galileo HA service available since January 2023, the gap can be closed between large farms using the
expensive high-end GNSS network-RTK technology towards a Digital Farm 4.0 approach and the entry level
farmer using mass-market receiver offering in best case SBS capability.

With SBAS at least accuracy and precision below 1 meter are possible, but far away from the cm-level
accuracy of RTK. HAS with accuracy and precision from 10-20 cm is slightly above the RTK accuracy, but has
the advantage of global availability, no operations cost and no need for a communications link.


PHOENIX SFX4 Data Sheet - Download






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