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SRX Receiver


SRX - the sw-defined gnss receiver development platform family

The SRX is the 4th generation of IFEN GNSS receiver developments platforms, designed to cover all current and coming GNSS signals up to 2030. Usage of latest generation components enables sustainable high-end receiver solutions with long-term availability. Due to the different techinal requierments, the SRX receiver platform is avalable in three different flavours.

The SRX-EP (Experimental Platform) provides highest performance and flexibility in RF front-end and digiatal signal processing. With its adaptble RF-front-end with high end cavity RF filters, signal distortion is minimized for sophisticated test and R&D applications. The SRX-EP supports of L-band and S-band GNSS signals. With its 4 synchronized RF-bands of 50 MHz bandwidth each, also multi-RF solutions are enabled. The integrated XILINX ZYNQ Ultrascale+ MPSoC is the core of the SRX-EP receiver platform. It enables flexible and high-end signal an navigation processing, with adaptability to the specific customer needs.

 The SRX-P1 (Platform Type 1) has a SWaP optimized digital RF-ASIC based front-end enabing a smaller board form-factor, using the same MPsOC as the SRX-EP. With up to 6 RF-paths suporting all GNSS L-band signals distributed to 2-RF inputs signals, also heading applications are possible. Offering RTK with the wideband Galileo E5ab AltBOC and BeiDou-3 B2ab ACEBOC signals is at the core of its new capapbilities. Additionally a MEMS-IMU sensor is integrated for improved robustness and reliability. The OEM-board interface style enables easy integration into client user terminals for specific applications.

The SRX-P2 (Platform Type 2) is the same as platform type 1, but being equipped with the latest generation XILINX APAC Versal AI MPSoC chip. The MPSoC integrated AI vector engines enable sophisticated signal and navigation processing, currently only possible in GNSS software receivers, leading the path to future high-precison RTK/PPP navigation in adverse weak signal environments (forest or urban environment) using vector tracking and other advanced technologies. With its advanced AI capabilities, also a future upgrade path is prepared towards autonomous operations of vehicles.
The SRX platform family is suited to cover a large range of client specific solutions, not possible with standard COTS receivers. With SRX you can take the step beyond the COTS state-of-the-art meeting your specific needs.


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The SRX receiver platform family is developed under ESA contract 4000128264/19/NL/MP within the NAVISP element 2 program.



SRX Receiver

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