NavX-NCS IFEN's GPS Simulator

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NavX-NCS Product Line

IFEN is committed to provide you with the best available solutions for all your testing applications. Therefore we developed different classes of GNSS RF constellation signal generators to fulfil and to exceed your demand in today’s and tomorrow’s GNSS testing.

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SX3 Multi-GNSS Software Receiver

Products & Applications

SX3 Scientific Navigation Software Receiver

This worldwide unique GNSS Software Receiver is a powerful research tool. It fully meets some of the most crucial demands of the GNSS scientific and R&D community.

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Products & Applications

NavX GNSS Test Solutions

IFEN’s NavX GNSS Test Solutions are a complete portfolio of highly developed GNSS test equipment. Professional GNSS signal simulation demand can be covered with this integrated and entirely flexible satellite navigation test bench. GNSS testing with NavX Test Solutions is easier, faster and more efficient.

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SX3 Scientific GNSS Software Receiver

The SX GNSS scientific solution is a fully customizable software receiver and a mighty tool for development and verification of algorithms in all scientific applications. It empowers your signal evaluations, weak signal investigation, reflectometry and much more: High sensitivity and full flexibility are often crucial to success in GNSS science.

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Projects & Technologies

IFEN Projects – Pushing the Technology

True to our roots, that are buried deep in research and development of today’s and future’s GNSS, we are highly active in the area of service contracts. These projects are not only the source of our deep expertise in satellite navigation that cumulates up to several centuries of man-years. IFEN Projects are also the cradle of our excellent understanding concerning the needs of any user of GNSS test equipment. IFEN technologies are on the edge of innovation since 1998 - and succeeding in keeping this position.

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Latest News

Re-certification of GATE from TÜV SÜD

GATE has recently been re- certificated by TÜV SÜD stating the conformance to ISO 17025 as Galileo open-air test laboratory, to receiver integrity testing (RAIM) for Safety-of-Life (SoL) applications and Galileo SIS ICD conformance of signal characteristics and signal quality.

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IFEN is participating at the Satellite Navigation Summit 2015 in Munich

Our team is looking forward to welcome customers and prospects at the Satellite Navigation Summit in Munich, Germany.

Visit our booth for the latest updates and information about our new SX3 and our NavX-NCS Product Line.

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Leap Second Event 30 June 2015 - Are you ready?

For the first time in three years a leap second will be added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Some Receivers will not have been through a leap second event, with the risk they could potentially fail at a critical moment.

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