SFX4 Modular SDR GNSS Receiver

SFX4 Modular Platform

The 4th generation SFX4 GNSS receiver platform provides a flexible and modular SDR GNSS receiver platform available for the next decade up to 2030+. The SFX4 GNSS receiver  is designed to achieve best RF performance with the flexibility to adapt to different RF signal needs for laboratory test.

The SFX4 as test and measurement receiver is optimized for high CN0 testing (payload, in-orbit-test), offering higher bit resolution and high signal bandwidth, driven to enable sophisticated high-end performance assessment

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SFX4 - The modular SDR GNSS test platform

  • adaptable analogue front-end
  • flexible RF-inputs with up to 4 RF connectors
  • selectable L- & S-band signal frequencies
  • configurable signal processing
  • fast acquisition engine
  • different tracking options
  • flexible correlator schemes
  • adaptable processing performance
  • optimized for high CN0
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